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Managing Quality
in a Distributed Environment

Micro Payments
across Remote Locations

Paperless Inspections
and Reporting

Managing School Attendance
and Progress of Children

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Managing Quality in a Distributed Environment

Implementing the Behavior Based Safety Approach

  • Devices made available at strategic locations.
  • Everyone was given a smartcard, with a separate code that uniquely identified each employee.
  • Whenever someone needs to give a score, whether positive or negative, he simply needs to access the device using his smartcard and log in the data.
  • The process takes a person less than 10 seconds to input the desired data.
  • The devices are connected by NFC technology, which makes data entry easy and real time data analysis possible.

Micro Payments across Remote Locations

App Running in a Restricted Environment, Maintaining Uniformity across Devices

  • Ensuring the same version of the payment app maintained in all devices
  • Supporting end users effectively, with continuous feedback from the running app
  • Other apps restricted on the device
  • All devices registered on central server
  • Monitor bandwidth utilisation and associated costs
  • Remote access to device health and troubleshooting

Inspection in a Distributed Environment

Maintaining Uniformity of Data Collection, Enabling Review in Real-Time

  • Complete paperless inspection, reporting, reviewing and archival system
  • Inspections and review in real-time from remote locations
  • Easily fill checklists, attach photographs and create reports
  • Enabling to streamline and standardise processes across millions of inspections using a qualitative approach
  • Enables monitoring fixed and rolling stock assets
  • Allows archiving
  • Easy to update checklists across all devices
  • Checklists from all locations collated on the cloud
  • Ability to export reports could be exported to pdf format for offline reviewing & printing
  • Archives retained securely on the cloud for 20 years

Managing School Attendance and Progress of Children

Connecting Schools, Teachers and Parents

  • Seamlessly connecting school admins, teachers and parents
  • Enables teachers to take attendance, write daily notes and share with parents, share event updates and pictures with parents, assign points to students for good work, conduct a private chat with parents
  • Facilitates parents to view all details related to their kid in one place, initiate a chat with the teacher, apply for leave for their kid, add a guardian and share their information / picture
  • Enables school admins to add classes and add children as per their class, assign teachers, have full control of all information, view key data points of all branches