Customized Tablets for Corporates
Mapped to Your Business Goals

A Complete, Integrated Solution

Multiple Degrees of Customization

Degree 1: Customized Apps
Degree 2: Custom Branding
Degree 3: Custom Hardware Configuration
Degree 4: Cloud Managed Solution
Degree 5: Customer Support


Degrees of Customization

Powerful Business Tools to Achieve Goals with Ease

Transform daily operations into measurable, trackable and goal-oriented tasks.

Industries Served with Corporate Tablets

Gain Advantage, Stay Ahead

Increase Productivity

Improve Effectiveness

Streamline Processes

Enrich Brand Awareness

Enhance Customer Services

Improve Collaboration

Leverage Technology

Why Your Business Needs Customized Tablets

Go Anywhere

Tablets can be carried with ease to where PCs can’t go, and lugging a laptop can be cumbersome.

Connect Anytime

Communicate via phone calls, emails, messages and video conferences. Share screenshots, access files on the cloud & update tracker.

Do Anything

Availability of specific apps make work efficient. Streamline and speedup common tasks. Plan, capture meeting notes & share reporting.

Reduce Cost

Tablets are cheaper laptops & PCs. Also, you benefit from productivity gains & lower training costs.

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