About Us

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about creating great stuff that people can use. We love to innovate, and the focus has always been on making things easier for the user. With this aim in mind, we established Pinig Tech Pvt Ltd, a company that would make it easier for people to use tablets.

How It All Started

Well, the story began with one of us being excited about buying a tablet for his dad. The excitement, however, did not last very long. The tab was like a blank slate for the dad, who had no idea how to get anything done on it. So, for the next three months, our colleague (one of the founder members) was called for “sessions” by his dad. During this time, he downloaded what he thought his dad may use and then taught him how to use them.

All the effort was invested, only to find out later, that his dad could not decipher many of the icons, as they were too small!

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem… to Solve

The tablet revolution is here. Everyone wants to own one. However, choosing a tablet can be confusing and time consuming. Add to that the time you would spend discovering the right apps for you. Do you really have the time to do all this? And what about people who are not tech-savvy? How do they get to experience the convenience of tablets? Do our kids miss out on all the fun and learning, just because we don’t have the time to choose the most appropriate games for them?

So we spend hours and hours identifying perfect packages for different people. From busy executives to retired seniors and from hardcore gamers to toddlers, we put in a lot of hard work trying to customize tablets for each of you.

Introducing Tabs That Work for YOU

We introduced Pinig Tabs… these tablets REALLY work for you. This is because they are customized to your unique requirements. Now you can get a tablet to plan your day, schedule your meetings, give you the latest news update and calculate your tax, without putting in hours selecting and downloading apps.

Just can’t get your parents to use a computer? We have tablets that make it a cakewalk. Wondering what to gift your kid that is fun, yet educational? You guessed it. We have tabs for that too.

Statutory Warning!

Now, when you gift a tablet to your parents, they will not need you every 30 seconds to answer questions about how they can play Sudoku on it!

Of course, they may be calling your home every 30 seconds to have a video chat with their grandchildren. That’s a risk you’ll have to live with!

Oh, and just one last thing about us, we are super friendly and very helpful. So, don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or suggestions that you may have.