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Customized Tablets for Corporates
Customized Tablets for Corporates

Industries Served with Corporate Tablets

Tablets for Educational Institutes

Tablets for Educational InstitutesPassing with Flying Colours

Collate data from various sources.
Share information with multiple stakeholders.
Admin staff, teachers, students and parents remain connected.
Streamline processes for maximum efficiency.

Pinig Corporate Tablets for Educational Institutions

Educational Institutes Can

  • Manage student records
  • Streamline fee payment
  • Manage student and staff attendance and performance
  • Maintain calendar
  • Scan, store, sync and share documents
  • Manage inventory

Teachers Can

  • Carry notes on lectures
  • Have quizzes and IQ tests
  • Conduct online meetings with parents
  • Play videos in class that can aid learning

Tablets for Law FirmsA Case in Point

Leverage the portability and accessibility advantages of corporate tablets.
With customized tablets, you can save hours of your time;
And who would understand that time is money better than a lawyer!

Tablets for Law Firms

Pinig Corporate Tablets for Law Firms

Law Firms Can

  • Manage clients and create appointments
  • Manage contacts
  • Maintain lawyer database
  • Manage timings and billings
  • Maintain calendar

Lawyers Can

  • Research cases
  • Maintain case notes
  • Stay in touch with legal news
  • View definitions of legal terms
  • View abstracts of court decisions
  • Video conferencing with clients

Tablets for Hospitals

Tablets for HospitalsMaintain the Health of Your Chain

Experience an increase in efficiency through more streamlined processes. Convenience, communication and connectivity help improve services, while keeping better track of resources.

Pinig Corporate Tablets for Hospitals

Hospitals Can

  • Manage patient records
  • Set up and manage appointments
  • Manage billings
  • Manage inventory
  • Scan patient documents and maintain them
  • Have online meetings with doctors, nurses, admin and other staff members

Doctors Can

  • Enter patient updates when doing their daily rounds
  • Get the latest updates from the medical industry
  • Research diseases and their symptoms
  • Get information about drugs
  • Get access to medical calculators and pill identifiers
  • View transcripts from trials and make notes

Tablets for Banking and InsuranceYou Can Bank on It

Gain a competitive edge with increased efficiency.
Improve interaction with and services to clients.
Streamline processes for maximum efficiency.

Tablets for Banking and Insurance

Pinig Corporate Tab for Banking and Insurance

Companies Can

  • Manage customer data
  • View account, contact and policy information
  • Update changes in the terms and policy
  • Stay in touch with on-field agents and brokers

Agents Can

  • Showcase all the products and their benefits in an interactive way
  • Get customer feedback
  • Capture customer details
  • Get customers to verify their details instantly (like correct spelling of name and address)
  • Set up customer accounts during the customer visit
  • Scan, sync and share documents
  • Stay in touch with the latest news in the industry
  • Listen to experts from your industry

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