A Complete, Integrated Solution
Powerful Hardware
Multiple Customization Options
Complete, Integrated Solution

Degrees of Customization Possible for Corporate Tablet

Customized Apps

  • Restricted environment: The tablet has only the app created by you and no other apps
  • Preinstalled apps: Ask for a range of apps to be preinstalled before sending out to your team
Restricted environment
Custom Branding

Custom Branding

  • Have your company’s logo displayed when the tablet boots.
  • Get your logo etched on the backplate of the tablet.

Custom Hardware Configuration

  • We have some standard models to choose from.
  • Customization of any specification (like screen size, connectivity, camera, resolution, memory, etc) can be done for a minimum order quantity of 1,000 devices.
Custom Hardware Configuration
Device Manager

Pinig Device Manager

This is a cloud-based solution that enhances the management of corporate tablets. Here’s what it does for you:

  • All tablets will be registered on a central server, allowing for remote access for assessing tablet health and for troubleshooting. This will enable a fully-managed app deployment and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Pilot tests can be deployed on selected devices.
  • App deployment can be done to registered tablets by a single click over a secure connection.
  • Critical data such as device usage, error logs and app related issues can be accessed via enterprise dashboard.

After-Sales Support

The corporate tablets come with 1 year of warranty. We offer three levels of support:

  • Level 1: One Touch Support – The tablet will come pre-installed with a support application, and the user can request support directly from the tablet by touching a single button and a ticket will be generated. Our customer support executive will get in touch with the user to offer a solution or understand the issue further.
  • Level 2: Toll free number – The user can call the toll free number and speak to a customer support executive.
  • Level 3: Service center – In case the issue cannot be resolved by our customer support executive, the tablet will be picked up by our logistics partner. The tablet will be serviced by a Pinig authorized service center in Mumbai and dispatched to the user.
After Sales Support

FAQs for Corporate Writing Tablets

Will There Be an Additional Cost for the Pinig Device Manager?

No. The Pinig Device Manager brings huge benefits by allowing you to conveniently monitor and manage all the corporate tablets in your ecosystem. A corporate tablet solution for a team is incomplete without this cloud-based device management solution. Therefore, this comes free when you purchase Pinig corporate tablets for your team.

Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for the Pinig Device Manager?

No. We believe a corporate tablet solution for a team is incomplete without Pinig’s cloud-based device manager. And, we want our clients to experience the convenience of monitoring and managing all the corporate tablets even with a small quantity order.

What are the Typical Payment Terms for Corporate Tablets?

50% advance payment

Remaining 50% before the delivery is scheduled

What is the Typical Delivery Timeline for Corporate Tablets?

Depending on the degree of customization, the tablets are delivered 20-30 days after receiving 50% advance payment.

What is the Warranty Period for Corporate Tablets?

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Will Pinig Provide After Sales Support?

Yes. You can read more about that here.

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