Corporate Tablets
New Era in Business Lifecycle
Offering a Plethora of Benefits
New Era in Business Lifecycle

Tablets are Revolutionizing How Business is Conducted

A sales executive showcases the benefits of the product on an attractive screen. He helps the customer register, scans all documents and sends them instantly to his team in the office. After a fruitful day in the field, he heads back home. But it’s not an unproductive journey. He can have a video call with the sales head or read about the latest happenings in the industry.

A point-of-sales executive captures customer details and collects customer feedback on a tablet. The data is analyzed and reports are created, along with charts, comparing the feedback with past records or competitor details.

An insurance agent meets with a prospective customer. The details of all the products are available on an interactive screen. The customer can choose from various options simply by touching different parts of the screen. The changes to the policy terms and premium rates are automatically calculated with every option selected, and displayed to the customer. The customer is interested. The insurance agent scans all the documents, helps the customer make an online payment and hands over the policy number to the customer.

An auto sales associate shows the customer various models of the vehicle. As the customer browses through the options, different features of the vehicle and the impact on the cost are displayed. A quick comparison of the preferred models is displayed to help the customer make a better decision. The auto sales associate helps customers choose features and secure financing for the vehicle within minutes.

No, it’s not magic. This is how tablets are helping companies increase their sales, improve their services and become more efficient. Tablets help companies grow.

Leverage Technology

Why Your Business Needs Customized Tablets

Go Anywhere

Tablets can be carried with ease to where PCs can’t go, and lugging a laptop can be cumbersome.

Connect Anytime

Communicate via phone calls, emails, messages and video conferences. Share screenshots, access files on the cloud & update tracker.

Do Anything

Availability of specific apps make work efficient. Streamline and speedup common tasks. Plan, capture meeting notes & share reporting.

Reduce Cost

Tablets are cheaper laptops & PCs. Also, you benefit from productivity gains & lower training costs.

Gain Advantage, Stay Ahead

Increase Productivity

Improve Effectiveness

Streamline Processes

Enrich Brand Awareness

Enhance Customer Services

Improve Collaboration

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