How to Keep Your Child Occupied During Their School Vacations

Are you one of those parents who fears the onset of long vacations from school for their children? Yes, many of us feel that our little ones can be quite a handful when they have no routine to stick to and seemingly endless leisure time. The worry is more for working parents, who fear the worst when they have to leave their children unsupervised through the day, says an article on Daily Nation. So, how do you make this long break which your children look forward to so eagerly become a time for you to look forward to as well?

To start with, unlike many countries where there is absolutely no support other than daycare for working and/or single parents, India is known for its family support. If you have a joint family or if the grandparents live close by, part of the problem is solved. However, you still need to work out a routine that works well all around through the vacations. Here are some things you can try.

Playtime Isn’t All Bad

During the holidays, a child’s play may look more like mindless leisure time, but activities like fighting imaginary dragons, playing house, organizing a game of hopscotch, etc., are actually useful in the development of crucial life skills. They are the early preparation for the brain to face the challenges of adulthood. So, don’t restrict their play time too much.

While letting your child play on their own is a great way for them to develop their creativity and independence, it is also useful to guide your little one into participating in fun activities that can be both fun and educational. A good mix of both indoor and outdoor activities is most recommended. Educational leisure is a great way to learn important life lessons, including social skills, such as cooperation and teamwork, responsibility, self-control and time management.

Structured Activities are Important

The reality of the Indian education system is that holidays are not all about leisure, there is a load of holiday homework to deal with as well. This is why it is important to also set out time for completing these assignments, or at least a part of them, each day. This time can be made more rewarding if you set rewards on the completion of specific tasks that are part of this homework. However, remember that the rewards need not be materialistic.

With the availability of tablets designed specifically for children of different age groups, learning need no longer be boring or even viewed as “punishment” from school. These kids’ tablets give children easy access to thousands of books, videos, educational apps and games. This is, therefore, a great way to make learning fun for your kids, while helping them explore their interests and strengths further.

Parent & Child Quality Time

Usually, when school is on, the child is burdened with homework, revising for tests and more. Therefore, the holidays become the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your children. Involving them in your daily household chores, playing indoor or video games with them, and taking time out to talk heart to heart. You might just be surprised with how sensitive, intuitive and smart your little one is!

It may sound clichéd, but dropping a caring note under their pillow, recording a short video for them using the camera on their kids’ tablet and leaving it for them to discover, and demonstrating your trust in their abilities are simple steps that will foster your child’s overall personality development. Make the most of school vacations and watch the apple of your eye flourish under your care.

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