How to Keep Your Toddler Busy

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Grumpy children say “I’m bored” over 200 times in a week during summer holidays, according to a survey report published in the Daily Mail in August 2014. This was a case reported about school goers. Toddlers in comparison are no less and may get bored even more easily. And when they are bored, you see all those temper tantrums, crying and irritable spells.

Fun n’ Learn

If you are parent to a toddler, you will relate to how difficult it gets to do daily household chores with your child around and active. Here are some effective ways to keep your toddler busy through activities that will engage and interest them, while also aiding their development.

Play Dough

Buy some play dough from the nearest supermarket or better make non-toxic ones at home and let your child’s creativity flow. You can show them how to make basic shapes and how to create a piece and let him explore. Appreciate and gasp at their smallest creations to encourage them to do more. This can also help them learn colours and shapes, while fueling their imagination.

Musical Instruments

Jelly Band

You can give your toddler musical instruments such as a piano or drums specially designed for young kids. Activity involving auditory sensation can help your toddler identify sounds while he enjoys beating the drums. And if you think that your toddler is too young for that, well then the Talking Tom never bores anyone! You could also opt for kids tablets with free Android apps where your child can play music or listen to stories and nursery rhymes.

Outdoor Games

Nothing can replace outdoor games. Take your toddler out as often as possible, if not every day. Let them play in the park, hop, skip and jump. You can try games like hide and seek. Fresh air and interaction with nature will help your child both physically and psychologically. It will also improve their motor skills. Playing with other children their age will also enhance their social skills.

Art & Craft

Kids Doodle Color and Draw

Art and craft, such as drawing and painting, is one of the most favourite activities at this age. It introduces the world of creativity to your child. Give them some colours and let their imagination flow on paper. You can add different items gradually like glitter colours or a new pen to keep your kid interested. And if you not want mess around your house, then your child can paint on various apps on a kids tab.

Fun with Tablets

Tablets customized specially for toddlers can help you engage your kid in various games and learning activities all at once. Because it caters to all three sense of vision, sound and touch, playing a game on a kids tab can keep your toddler engaged and entertained for a long time. The personal management feature helps you manage the items of content your kid is exposed to.

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