Studying with Tablets for Kids: Making Study Time Fun!

Make Learning Fun

Not only has tablet ownership more than doubled in the past few years, a recent trend is that more and more parents are finding children to be highly proficient at operating such devices, says a 2014 article in The Guardian. This clearly highlights how intuitive and receptive children can be to modern technology. Moreover, studies in India show that children spend an average of 2 hours a day watching TV and are increasingly spending time playing games or surfing the internet on their parent’s tablets, says a 2014 post on ET Telecom.

Children and Tablets

Tablet Encourage Interactive Learning

Tablets have the potential to encourage not just ‘technological intelligence’ in children, but can even help your young one develop vital reasoning and analytical skills faster. Educational content for children on such platforms often uses strategies that focus on repetition of an idea, presenting of images, sounds and animation that can capture the complete attention of your child. If you are worried that your young one is not putting in enough hours of study each day, a tablet may just help resolve this crisis, by making learning fun and ensuring absolute engagement with the device.

The Right Android Apps are Helpful

Tabs with Preinstalled Kids Apps are Perfect

Pre-installed Android applications that come with custom tabs help your child learn counting and alphabets, as well as reading and writing. With the help of interactive educational games, the focus is both on learning and entertainment.

  • Several Android apps have an audio-visual approach to learning; it helps kids move beyond traditional tactile learning that is practised in school.
  • Customised tablets for kids come pre-installed Android apps that operate intuitively, mimetically and reflectively; responding to the touch of your child. This accounts for a better relationship between the user and the technology.
  • Android apps such as King of Maths and Spell With Me 2 are great platforms for your young one to revise his/her spellings, and also for getting good grades in their maths exams.
  • Other Android apps, such as iStoryBooks, are another great addition, since they help inculcate a reading habit in young children, which can be carried forward as they grow older.

Beyond Studying

Gaming Improves Motor Coordination

The virtual world of fun and games can even manifest into real world skills. A tablet will not just make learning fun for your child, its positive potential goes much beyond that. By allowing your child to play a game that may involve sorting objects or shapes into categories, he/she can follow up with real world games, such as sorting out the laundry or keeping their room clean and organised. This can help instil a sense of harmony, order and systematization in the everyday routine of your young one.

Further, allowing your children to play simple games on a custom tablet can improve visuo-spatial capabilities, improve reaction time, increase attention span and ability, and give children the capacity to identify important details amongst the clutter. The bottom line is that modern technology, such as tablets, are great platforms for young children to not only play games, but to develop their minds to analyse and study in an easier and more fun filled manner.

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