Aldiko Book Reader

Audible bookIf you’re looking for an ebook reader with a wide variety of options for customizing your reading experience, the Aldiko Book Reader could be the app for you. It has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate options; and is compatible with devices with Android version 2.2 and higher. So, if your device has the latest Android versions, you can expect fabulous results from this app. Aldiko Book Reader has gained immense popularity and is said to have over 15 million users and counting.

What’s Good About Aldiko Book Reader

You can read any book on Aldiko Book Reader as long as it is in the OPDS format. The app supports EPUB and PDF formats as well as Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks. Any book that you purchase online would be saved to your Android device and can be read on this ebook reader. It is already integrated with Feedbooks Store online, so you have a range of great books to choose from. Moreover, if you have ebooks on your device with these formats, it is easy to import them on this reader.
Aldiko Book Reader Library View

Aldiko Book Reader Library View

But one would most rightfully ask the reason for choosing to read on this reader. The answer lies in the customization capabilities of this application. As you can see in screenshot 2, the interface for reading is quite appealing. Some of the settings to enhance the convenience and options for your reading experience include font adjusting options, such as style and type. One can also change the background colors. Aldiko Book Reader supports night-time reading. You could even customise other features in the ebook such as margins and alignment as well as line spacing. This ebook reader also allows you to create bookmarks and even jump from a chapter to another through the table of contents.
Aldiko Book Reader Page View

Aldiko Book Reader Page View

What You’ll Miss in Aldiko Book Reader

The free Aldiko Book Reader features ads which the paid version does not. Also the free version does not support highlights, notes and home widget features. The free version is quite efficient as well. The organising options for the library are impressive. All said and done, however, there are better options in the market.
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  • Published on: November 25, 2013
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  • Supports EPUB, Adobe DRM and PDF formats
  • Well-designed
  • User friendly
  • Highly customizable - font size and style, back ground color, margin alignments, line spacing
  • Table of contents
  • Bookmarks
  • Night mode


  • Features ads
  • No highlights, notes and widget features

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