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Audible-for-Android-1Has Anne Hathaway ever read out a story to you? No, it’s not a fantasy! You can listen to books being read out by celebs like Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet. All you need is Audible. For the want of time, many of us have given up the good old habit of reading. With Audible, we can now get back to… okay, not reading, but listening to books being read out. You’ll definitely find time for this. You can listen to books during your morning walk or while traveling to work. It’s a great way to fall asleep at night, especially since it has really simple sleep modes. Have Samuel L. Jackson read out Adam Mansbach’s “Go the F— to Sleep.” No promises of sweet dreams!

What’s Good About Audible

It’s unlikely that you’ll find another app with as many titles as Audible, arranged nicely across around 27 categories. This makes searching for books a lot easier. You’ll have a membership-based monthly subscription, after which many of the books are highly discounted. Not just books, you can also listen to stuff like famous speeches and court hearings.
Audible For Android- Easy Interface

Audible For Android- Easy Interface

Some of the convenient features include bookmarking on the timeline bar. When creating a bookmark, you can add notes for reference. There is a customization option that allows you to increase or reduce the speed of narration as well. The button free navigation is also a unique feature for this audio book player. This helps you to rewind or forward the narration by 30 seconds by simply swiping the screen.
Audible For Android – Swipe Navigation

Audible For Android – Swipe Navigation

A listener can also multitask while listening to the audio book in the background. This option is quite useful and the interface is well-designed for easy usability overall. You can also listen to the audio book while it is downloading in the background. The simple sleep modes allow you to stop the track according to your desired time. You can also customize the sleep mode taking into account the end of chapters. Audible For Android integrates with your social networking accounts, so that you can boast the books you have gone through or discuss them with your friends. You may also earn badges for going through audio books to add a competitive edge to your reading habits. You receive news feeds of the latest books, authors and more. You can check out the quality of the reading with audio samples. These samples, however, showcase the best narration quality available at Audible.

What You’ll Miss in Audible

You’ll have to pay for the audio books. Of course, you will own the books you buy and you can choose the really discounted ones. There is a free section, but the range isn’t great. Overall, the app has a lot of features and a large collection of books (more than 150,000 at last count). So, it’s really worth its subscription.  
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  • Published on: November 25, 2013
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  • Wide range of audio books
  • User-friendly
  • Good quality narration
  • Gesture-based, button-free navigation controls
  • Sleep mode
  • Background playback
  • Narration speed controls
  • Can add bookmarks and notes
  • Free samples for each audio book
  • News feeds


  • Paid subscription
  • Limited range of free audio books

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