Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE

baby flash cards for kidsBaby FlashCards for Kids FREE is a fun and interactive alternative to television. Since all Android devices can be carried around, your child can have fun when you are on the go. The app uses animated flashcards supported by multimedia, including sound effects and narration in cute and gentle voices. Flashcards have proved to enable faster learning, not only among children, but also among professionals. These flashcards not only enhance learning, but are most enjoyable for kids below 5 years of age and will keep them occupied in creative and entertaining ways. There are six categories of things that children can learn from these flashcards, which includes Numbers, Letters, Colors, Furniture, Animals and Vehicles. Each flashcard comes with a voice that helps the child to learn letters and words.

What is Good About Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE


Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE – The Categories

Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE is an Android app that is sure to grab and hold your child’s attention with good quality images that are bright, colorful and happy. It also comes with large icons and buttons so that your baby can tap it easily. The interface is highly user-friendly for little kids. For instance, your baby can go to the next flashcard by simply swiping the screen. A lock prevents the app from accidentally closing while your toddler is playing a game. The syllables of words are pronounced out loud, helping your child to say the word. The voiceover in Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE for each flashcard has been done in professional production studios, so that your child can clearly understand the words.
Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE – A Flashcard

Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE – A Flashcard

The app takes a more practical approach for teaching. For instance, there is no point teaching your baby to say ‘bus’ if he/she doesn’t know what a bus actually is. And what good would it do to have your baby learn that it’s B for bus? Each flashcard has a game in which the baby gets to choose the right option from six options. The kid gets rewarded, too, with a nursery rhyme playing with every right answer. It is ad supported but the ads can be switched off.

What You’ll Miss in Baby FlashCards for Kids FREE

FlashCards for Kids FREE does not have any real animation, i.e. the elements in the images do not move. This app is great if you believe in the power of teaching your baby the basics with the help of flashcards. There are enough categories and images to keep your baby interested for a long time.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Flashcard design
  • Easy to use for baby
  • Six practical categories
  • Good quality narration
  • Baby-lock preventing app from exiting accidentally
  • Replaying voiceover by tapping syllables
  • Nursery rhyme after every right answer


  • No real animation

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