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Cisco WebEx Meetings IconCisco WebEx Meetings is a collaboration tool that can be used for scheduling and holding meetings. The app, although available in India on Google Play Store, does not provide an option to choose India as the country while setting up the account. Their India specific website,, says that the app is only available for iOS and Blackberry devices. However, I still went ahead and created a trial account (14-days trial period) on the site.
Cisco WebEx Meetings – Starting a meeting instantly

Cisco WebEx Meetings – Starting a meeting instantly

What is Good About India Cisco WebEx Meetings

Users in India can login to the Android app using the credentials for the trial account. The user interface for the app is nice and convenient. It is a cakewalk when it comes to scheduling a meeting.
Cisco WebEx Meetings – Schedule a Meeting

Cisco WebEx Meetings – Schedule a Meeting

The app runs smoothly and quickly, so users can start a conference or a meeting in seconds. Users can also invite participants for using Cisco WebEx Meetings. These invited participants do not require setting up an account. The app supports audio, video and chat mode for communication between participants and all of them can be used simultaneously.

What You’ll Miss In Cisco WebEx Meetings

The audio conference mode is not available during the trial period; but there is no mention of this shortcoming in the site. The app behaves more like a viewer, rather than like an actual collaboration tool. It does not allow you to share screens or make presentations through the content in the device. Overall, Cisco WebEx Meetings is a collaborative tool that can be used to schedule and hold a meeting easily and quickly. Sadly, the trial version does not allow audio conferencing. Cisco WebEx Meetings is a collaborative tool that scores on being user-friendly but lacks functionality for Indian Android device users.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • User-friendly and impressive interface
  • Audio, video and chat mode options available
  • App runs efficiently
  • Easy scheduling and easy to invite participants
  • Invited participants need no account


  • No audio/VOIP audio for testing or trial version
  • Lacks collaboration tools in the trial version
  • No screen sharing
  • No feature for enabling presentations of content on device in trial version

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