DropboxDropbox is a popular file hosting service that offers cloud storage. It enables you create a common folder and synchronise files between computers. Multiple users can use the same folder to store or share files. Users can view the files from different computers. You can even save photos, videos and music files on this Android app and share it with others.

What is Good About Dropbox

This Android app offers easy to use interface for users. Files can be uploaded and downloaded from the app to the device for offline usage.
Dropbox – The Folder & File View

Dropbox – The Folder & File View

Dropbox - In-built media player

Dropbox – In-built media player

The app’s focus is more on photos, so there is a dedicated section for photos within the app. There is also a folder for photos where the photos automatically get saved, once you take a snap from the camera of your Android device. You can simply share these photos from Dropbox itself, instead of having to upload those manually and sharing it. It also allows creating and organising albums. Users can share files which can be further searched, sorted and organized in folders. The files are shared through a link that can be shot through email. If the recipient of the link has a Dropbox account, he/she can download or view the file. The app also allows its users to save their email attachments straight into the Dropbox folder. Registering procedure for a Dropbox account is quick, and can be done through popular email accounts such as Gmail.

What You’ll Miss in Dropbox

The app lacks the ability to upload new versions of a file. So you have to delete the file and then upload it once you have made the changes. Also, there are no collaboration features. Dropbox has a lot to offer as a cloud storage app and has an impressive interface with customization options. While it is not a collaboration tool, it has the ability to share multimedia files. Dropbox, a popular storage app for more than one reason, makes cloud storage a smooth affair and works great for sharing multimedia and Office files.
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  • Published on: January 15, 2014
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  • Easy registration procedure with popular emails.
  • Save all sorts of files.
  • Option to store email attachments directly into Dropbox
  • Files and folders shared through email
  • Impressive organizational features for files and folders
  • Saves photos captured on device camera, directly into the photo section.
  • Share files and folders through email invites.


  • Inability to upload new versions of file
  • No collaboration features.

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