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Google DriveGoogle has its own online storage app called the Google Drive that can be accessed from an android device or through Gmail on any computer online. It offers 15 GB of free storage. However, if you have more to store, you can use its paid plans that start from $4.99 per month for 100 GB storage and above. This storage space can be used across Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos. People who have existing Gmail accounts would find the storage space already being in use.
Google Drive - Uploading A File

Google Drive – Uploading A File

What is Good About Google Drive

It is very easy to set up this app on an Android device as one barely has to do anything, except for creating a Gmail account. A Google account is more than often configured on an Android device. The Google Drive app automatically identifies this account the device and starts using it without requiring configuring it. In the case where one has more than one Google accounts, this app automatically detects and gathers it from both into the one drive that you can access on your device. The user interface, just like any other Google product is simple and nice. However, it boasts of several file organization features. This includes sorting, filtering, and pre-defined categories such as “Starred”, “Recent”, “Shared with me” etc. making this app very user friendly.
Google Drive – Opening a file on your device

Google Drive – Opening a file on your device

Files can be viewed offline if they are saved on the device. Users can upload files that are stored on device. A new Google Document or Spreadsheet, or scan document can be created uploaded and even shared from the device. However, the folders and files have permission levels for accessibility and editing which can be customized by the user who shared or created the file.

What You’ll Miss in Google Drive

Although this app is quite useful, it is sad that it lacks collaboration tools. This means that users cannot share comments on files with each other. The app does not have any native document viewing capabilities for files other than Google Documents and Spreadsheets. Instead, one requires opening these files using another program on the device. This android app is the perfect storage app for viewing and editing. Although the app lacks collaborative features, it makes up with its user-friendly interface and folder and file management features. If you are looking for an Android app for storage of files on your device, Google Drive gives you flawless interface for management and sharing of files.
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  • Store up to 15 GB data on free version
  • No configuration required except owning a Gmail account
  • Automatically detects Google accounts on device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Several organization features
  • Saved files can be viewed on device
  • Files can be stored, uploaded, created and shared.
  • Setup permission levels for filed shared members


  • Lacks in collaboration tools: no viewing and sharing tools
  • No native document viewing capabilities

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