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google-play-books-06-535x535If you’re looking for an exclusive Google app for ebooks which allows you to save and read them on your Android device, Google Play Books can be quite the app for you. It has a wide range of books to choose from, some with discounted prices that can be bought through Google Wallet and your digital money. It also has all the bestseller ebooks and they often come at prices that are much lower than the original paperbacks.

What’s Good About Google Play Books

Google Play Books Library View

Google Play Books Library View

You get to save the books online once you have made your online transaction. You can add notes and bookmarks while reading and this app even has a highlighter. It has a very pleasant interface, with virtual pages represented marvellously. You can choose the chapter you wish to read and even go through a free sample of the ebook to figure out whether you wish to purchase it or not. The Google Play Store initially detects your location to provide you the bestsellers in your area, if your GPS is on. So, you know what others around you are reading. You could also get books for free and read classics. This reader app supports both EPUB and PDF formats.
Google Play Books – Highlighting Text

Google Play Books – Highlighting Text

What You’ll Miss in Google Play Books

If the user wishes to read ebooks that are in EPUB or PDF format but are not from the Google Play Store, they would need to upload it on the web interface of the application and then be able to read it. Besides the overwhelming task of uploading a PDF, Google Play Books offers the useful features of bookmarking and highlighting only in the EPUB format. All said and done, this app is quite popular with people who do not mind purchasing ebooks as the process is hassle-free once you have uploaded information for payment in Google Wallet. Finally, the other reason to go for it is that it’s Google.
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  • Supports EPUB and PDFs
  • Well designed
  • Use highlighter, bookmarks and add notes
  • Free samples
  • Store detects regional bestsellers through GPS


  • Non Google Play Store ebooks need to be sideloaded

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