Jelly Band

Jelly BandImagine a world where you have colourful monsters creating freaky and wonderful sounds at the same time on stage. Imagine having control over them and sharing these fun moments with friends. Jelly Band Android app that is capable of entertaining people of all ages does exactly that. Jelly Band is a bright world of monsters that can help you create cute orchestra by simply tapping your Android device!
Jelly Band – Stages To Choose

Jelly Band – Stages To Choose

What is Good About Jelly Band

You can basically create your own band of jelly monsters and with them create your own fun tunes and music. The animated band characters are cute and cuddly, unlike any monster that could be scary.  The quality of music is impressive.  It is definitely a fun app to have, when you wish to pass your time doing nothing.
Jelly Band – Drag your favorite music monster and create music

Jelly Band – Drag your favorite music monster and create music

What You’ll Miss In Jelly Band

Jelly Band is a fun and entertainment app. It is very honest about what it is capable of doing. Hence, there is not much to judge on this app. If you wish to enjoy some good music with colourful animated characters and expect a good quality animated app to keep you busy for a while, Jelly Band is the Android app. Enjoy cute little monsters creating music on stage for you on Jelly Band while you compose the music on the app and watch jelly-like creatures play.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Good Quality animation
  • Good quality music
  • Allows creating own music
  • Fun time pass


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