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Kids Connect The Dots Lite iconFun4Kids Honeybee is a creator of educational games apps for kids and has developed Kids Connect The Dots Lite. This is a fun new app for kids under 5 of age to learn counting and the alphabets. You could relax and read a book while your child is engaged in connecting the dots through series of numbers and letters of the alphabet. This Android app is a fun way to learn, with cute sound effects and you are sure to hear your child’s adorable chuckles once in a while.

What is Good about Kids Connect The Dots Lite

This app helps your child to learn numbers as well as alphabets in both lower and uppercase. Every time the child completes connecting the dots, an image is revealed along with the sound of that particular element. For example, the image of a cow may be revealed on connecting the dots and your child will hear a “moo”.
Kids Connect The Dots Lite- Another App

Kids Connect The Dots Lite – The Cow That Says “Moo”

This app has a very simple interface with a menu to choose the number games or alphabets in upper and lower cases. A child has to drag the touch with a finger to the next dot. Also, the child is helped by color cues for the next correct answer. One can also choose a random starting point among the dots.
Kids Connect The Dots Lite- Another App

Kids Connect the Dots Lite – The Menu

This app does not feature any ads and, hence, does not create any distractions while the child learns and has a lot of fun at the same time.

What You’ll Miss in Kids Connect The Dots Lite

There are only 10 images in the free version. The full version too offers only 75 images. Moreover, the quality of these images is not great. The interface is easy to use, but not very well-designed. The sound effects attract a lot of kids to this app. However, the overall quality of the images and the interface leaves much to be desired.  
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  • Published on: December 6, 2013
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  • Easy interface
  • Teaches alphabets in lower and upper cases
  • Teaches numbers
  • User-friendly menu
  • Fun sound effects
  • Color cues for hints
  • Ad-free app


  • Unimpressive quality of images
  • Only 10 images in the free version and 75 in the paid version
  • Unimpressive interface

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