Kids Numbers and Math Lite

Kids Number and Math liteIntellijoy, specialists in creating educational apps, has created a fine app for kids under 5 years of age, focused on enhancing learning. Kids Numbers and Math Lite is an Android app that can help your child develop interest in Mathematics from a very early age. It has a variety of interactive activities to keep children engaged with a highly constructive form of entertainment. This is the free version and comes with Math activities that can teach your child the basics and build a solid base. The Lite version helps children learn how to name numbers, count them and compare numbers. It also helps a child learn basic addition and subtraction and match numbers as well.

What is Good About Numbers and Math Lite

Kids Numbers and Math Lite – Counting Numbers

Kids Numbers and Math Lite – Counting Numbers

It is a cute little app for kids. It has pictures and animation that are bright and kids-friendly. The voiceover has been done well and very simple English has been used, so that it is easy for the child to understand. The tone is very friendly and non-commanding. This app is very well designed to suit the mental ability of a child who has just started learning numbers and counting. It will help your child to learn numbers, understand concepts and perform basic math functions. You can take care of other things around the house, feeling assured that your child is engrossed in doing something that is entertaining as well as very constructive. This app is not ad supported, so there are no ads to distract your child.

What You’ll Miss in Kids Numbers and Math Lite

Kids Numbers and Math Lite – Addition and Subraction

Kids Numbers and Math Lite – Addition and Subraction

The paid version comes with a feature that allows you to set the number range that you wish your child to learn. However, learning numbers is limited to 20, which is not a high range. Kids Numbers and Math Lite is not only a fun-filled app; it is educational. It helps your child develop a strong foundation in math, which will come handy when the child learns the subject in school.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Well-designed
  • Helps learn numbers, counting and basic math operations
  • Kids-friendly voiceover
  • Engaging
  • Constructive game


  • No settings for choosing number range
  • Even in the paid version, the number goes up to only 20

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