Kindle-iconAmazon’s Kindle is one of the most renowned ebook readers in the market. The basic reason for this is that Amazon has been around for a very long time and so has its reader. Kindle gained popularity due to the fact that all the ebooks that are bought on can be read on this ebook reader.

What’s Good About Kindle

It comes with built-in reference tools such as a Dictionary, Wikipedia and Google search. If you wish to know the meaning of a word, you can simply tap and hold the word. You can sync your Kindle account with all your devices and read it anywhere you wish to. So, you not only have access to your ebooks, but the latest bookmark, notes and highlights as well. Besides you have the super-rich array of ebooks that can be purchased on Amazon.
The Kindle Store

The Kindle Store

You also get access to some sample pages. Then again, this ebook reader can be customised for reading with options in font size and brightness and even background color. If you wish to give your eyes some rest, choose the read to me option from the menu and the text will be read out to you. Note that the narration would be highly robotic in nature. Kindle also has the whole plethora of ebook releases on Amazon.  Whether it is Frederick Forsyth’s latest bestseller among political thrillers or a not so celebrated author’s biography, you will find it on your Kindle store.
Kindle – Bookmarking and Highlighting on Pages

Kindle – Bookmarking and Highlighting on Pages

What You’ll Miss in Kindle

The classics are free, of course, but everything else has to be purchased. One has to sideload ebooks that are not purchased from Amazon on the device. Furthermore, it only supports ebooks in MOBI format. This app is perfect for avid readers. Whether you are looking for self-help books about meditation or the whole robot series by Isaac Asimov, Kindle will have it at the store.
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  • Enormous range of ebooks in store
  • Customization options for reading: fonts, background, light
  • Multiple device sync with Kindle account
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reference tools: Dictionary, Wikipedia and Google search


  • Books must be purchased
  • Supports .Mobi format only
  • Non Kindle store ebooks need to be side-loaded to be read

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