LEGO Creator Islands Android App Makes Imagination Run Wild

The transition of LEGO from a conventional kids toy manufacturer, or do you prefer versatile interlocking brick system, into a top media and pop culture powerhouse is an impressive feat. One among the several LEGO games released on Android, LEGO Creator Islands, port of an existing browser game, was developed using the ubiquitous Unity engine. A hit with children between 6 to 9 years, your kid can play this game by logging in to their LEGO ID on your home Tablet. This may traditionally be a kids game, however it is not uncommon for young teenagers to get hooked on to it.

LEGO Creator Islands: An Overview

This Sim City style island management game lets you construct houses, vehicles, creatures, and independent islands close to your mainland. Be careful since while building and exploring neighbouring islands, your mainland may be facing some kind of adversity, which can be threatening to the Minifig (the little yellow guys with the round heads) inhabitants, and may require rebuilding. The objective is to make sure that your island is protected by ever expanding your realm.

What makes LEGO Creator Islands a Hit with Kids?

LEGO Creator Islands: Problem Solving

This strategy game allows kids to tap into their creative instincts, by devising new ways to help the LEGO Creator Minifigures to live on an island that is constantly subject to natural and multi-player threats. This engaging Android app is both fun and entertaining for kids. It works on an intuitive interface, with good graphics accounting for hours of seamless creativity. This 100% ad free game is beneficial for children since the extent of diverse constructions that can be made purely depends on how freely he/she lets their imaginations wander. Complete with colourful graphics, cute characters and an absorbing game play this tablet app has more than 5 lakh downloads at the Play Store, accounting for its credibility.

Where the Android App Can Improve?

LEGO Creator Islands: Precursor to Tougher Strategy Games

Despite offering additional features like rotate and zoom, touch screen controls, and using the assistance of the map to move between islands, there is no tutorial, no communication with the AI and lack of streamlined instructions. Moreover since the game requires a device with at least 7 inches of screen space Smartphones and Phablets are instantly ruled out. Moreover while playing on your Tablet, there may be times when the game may consume excess battery.

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  • Published on: December 10, 2015
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  • LEGO Creator Islands Android app is a definite hit for children between the age of 6 to 9, keeping them busy and entertained for several hours. Since its focus is on construction and innovation, it can help stimulate several artistic and creative designs and ideas, adopting the play and learn technique.


  • Makes sure your child is busy and entertained.
  • Promotes innovative, creative and artistic expression and ideas.
  • Is completely free of advertisement.
  • Game play is simple and straightforward facilitated by a map.
  • Lets you unlock new characters and explore island topography.
  • Can play with your LEGO ID across tablets and computers.


  • No communication between player and AI.
  • No instructions or tutorial at the beginning.
  • High battery consumption.

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