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LibriVox Audio BooksDon’t wish to strain your eyes reading? LibriVox comes to your rescue. It’s a good app for those of us who love free stuff. No doubt, the range of titles is limited, but it’s still great considering that you don’t have to pay for the books you read. The application is supported by ads, but that’s okay. Would you really mind listings of new recordings that include a variety of classics and even bestsellers? An audio book reader saves a lot of your time. You can listen to it while preparing your breakfast or traveling to work. You can go to bed listening to your favorite books.

What’s Good About LibriVox

It is quite amazing that there are thousands of volunteers who record and edit these audio books and, thereafter, these are distributed via this app. The catalogue is divided into genres as well as authors, listed in alphabetical order. The audio books range from classics to non-fiction, poetry and even biographies. You can also search by title or simply browse the store.
LibriVox Audiobooks – Player View

LibriVox Audiobooks – Player View

LibriVox gives you the option of pausing and stops the audio book narration there. The sleep timer is quite useful and you can add unlimited bookmarks with notes in the audio timeline. All the audio books are free and 10,000 is not a small number. It has a great range of radio drama, which is a part of their exclusive collection. You also get access to some out-of-print edition books as well as whitepapers and academic audio books. You can stream the books for listening or download them to be listened to later.
LibriVox Audiobooks - Categories View

LibriVox Audiobooks – Categories View

What You’ll Miss in LibriVox

The design has much to be desired. No, it doesn’t look really impressive and the ‘feel good’ factor is kind of missing. The range of books is much lower than what you’d find with a paid subscription app like Audible for Android. Also, the audio books being recorded by volunteers, the narration is not really standardized. If you’re looking for a great functional app that’s free, this one would surely make a good choice. You can go through the titles to see if they have the kind of books that interest you.
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  • Free audio book app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gesture based controls
  • Over 10,000 free audio books
  • Organized catalog
  • Out-of-print edition, whitepapers, rare audio books and radio drama also available


  • Simplistic / ordinary design
  • Limited range of books (compared to paid services)
  • Unequal quality of narration

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