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moon-plus-logo-readerAre books your best friends? Then this ebook reader is a great app to have. It not only has ebooks to offer you, but supports other online ebook libraries. So, you can have all your ebooks in one place and read them from this app at leisure. Read thousands of ebooks without having to pay for them. The app understands gesture commands. For instance, you can adjust the brightness of your device by simply sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen. Want to turn the page? Just tilt your device. Good user interface and smooth controls make reading a book all the more pleasurable!

What’s Good About Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is more than your average Android application for reading ebooks. It has a ton of options for customization and the default customization is pretty good and lifelike. When you start this app on your device, it imports all the ebooks in EPUB format. So if you’ve acquired an ebook from any online ebook store, this app automatically detects your ebook and adds it in your library. One can choose Moon+ Reader even for the way it looks and feels, especially when you’re reading. But it has some great features that make it worth having.
Moon+ Reader – Library View

Moon+ Reader – Library View

Moon+ Reader Select Text for Various Purposes

Moon+ Reader Select Text for Various Purposes

In Screenshot 2, you can see that this app gives you options to highlight, make and create notes and look for terms in the dictionary that is built-in with this smart Android app. Not only does it give you the feeling of reading a book, but it makes it possible for you to read books in a variety of formats, including epub, cbz, txt, mobi, umd, cbr, html, rar, fb2, chm, zip and OPDS. Besides the usual options in a well thought out ebook, such as adjusting font scale, font size, alignments, special colors and fading edge, you can make changes in line spacing for a comfortable reading experience. The default settings are very well designed and is perfect for a before bedtime read without straining the eyes. If that is not enough, you have the Day and Night modes embedded along with 10 other themes to suit your mood and situation. Moreover, you have 5 screen modes that can be customised according to your reading speed. Moon+ Reader even supports the Epub3 multimedia format.

What You’ll Miss in Moon+ Reader

Some formats may not allow you to use the note, highlight or dictionary options. The let-down of this application is that it does not support pdf, so material like whitepapers, research reports and journals are out. Moon+ Reader is a free app supported by ads. It has a lot of customization tools for easy reading and is a well-designed app.  
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  • Published on: November 27, 2013
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  • Supports several ebook formats
  • Auto-detects ebook on device
  • Customisation of text such as font size and line spacing
  • Day and night mode + 10 themes
  • 5 reading modes based on reading speed


  • Does not read pdf format

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