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NewsHunt India News & JobsNewsHunt India News | Jobs is an Android app that gives you access to employment news through the country’s top job portals, such as, and  The app enables you to read the full story, rather than just the headlines. You can read job descriptions in detail, save important news, and apply for jobs directly from your device, using this Android app.

What is Good about NewsHunt: India News | Jobs

NewsHunt: India News | Jobs has partnership with 85 national & regional newspapers and media houses. The app brings to you news from almost all leading news sources in India. Unlike several other news apps, NewsHunt provides access to the complete news story. The app also gives you access to regional news in 11 different regional languages.
NewsHunt: India News | Jobs – List of Headlines From News Source

NewsHunt: India News | Jobs – List of Headlines From News Source

You can also customize the background color and text size according to your preference, when reading. The app also enables you to choose the category of news you want to read. It also features a home screen widget. This widget features news from the newspapers read by you recently.
NewsHunt: India News | Jobs – Reading news and features

NewsHunt: India News | Jobs – Reading news and features

Another main feature of this app is the jobs section. This feature allows you to browse through the latest job posts from various job portals such as and If you want, you can save certain job posts and apply for those jobs later.

What You’ll Miss in NewsHunt: India News | Jobs

While you can set up a profile for job search and recommendations, the eminence of these recommendations may not be very accurate for some. Also this section takes time to work, which is quite disappointing. The biggest issue with this app is that it, unlike most other news apps, does not allow you to add your own news sources. So, it is limited to Newshunt’s own sources. If you like a story and wish to read it later, there is no option for that. You do not get access to any news story through this app, when your device is not connected to the Internet. The jobs section works very slow and fails to load at times. Also, do not be surprised if you get distracted by ads on the app, as it is an ad supported app. This Android app enables you to read news from different sources and of different categories. However, the app does not allow you to add other sources for reading. The job section could have been more useful, if it would have worked faster. NewsHunt: India News | Jobs is an Android app that enables you to stay on top of local and national employment news, and also to apply for jobs.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Partners with top news sources in India
  • Access to local and regional news
  • Supports 11 languages including English
  • Customizable text and background for reading
  • Home screen widget
  • Jobs section partners with and


  • No offline access
  • Job search runs slow
  • Results for Job search is questionable
  • No reading news from external sources
  • No option for saving to read later

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