QuickofficeIf you are looking for an Android app that allows you to view, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, Quickoffice would be a good choice. This app from Google integrates with Google Drive storage, enabling you to access your files from anywhere.

What is Good About Quickoffice

Quickoffice – Spell-check in document editor

Quickoffice – Spell-check in document editor

This is a very simple and well-designed app that allows its users to save files directly into the Google Drive. It allows it users to manage the Google Drive folders too. In fact the file manager for Quickoffice is quite efficient and user-friendly. The app permits its users to enjoy multi-tasking by enabling users to open and work on, as many as six files simultaneously. Quickoffice does permit its users to view PDF files as well. Besides, there are hosts of formatting options in Quickoffice for various office files on your device.
Quickoffice – Editing and formatting spreadsheets

Quickoffice – Editing and formatting spreadsheets

It allows you to use various customizing and formatting features just as you would expect from any other file editor. You can even attach files to emails, through this Google Android app.

What You’ll Miss in Quickoffice

PDF files can be viewed but not edited on Quickoffice, which makes it slightly disappointing. It does not integrate with all other Google products and apps, which is another restriction of this Android app. It also lacks collaboration tools for people sharing the Google Drive office files to work together in them. Quickoffice is one of those apps that allow its users to enjoy the advantage of a Google product in terms of productivity, efficiency and design when dealing with office files. This is a very efficient viewer and editor android app for Office files but it might need some collaboration tools to lead as an office app.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Well-designed and dimple
  • User-friendly file manager
  • Integrates with Google Drive
  • Allows viewing and editing upto 6 files simultaneously
  • Allows viewing PDF files
  • Several formatting options
  • Attach office files to mails


  • No editing PDF files
  • No collaboration tools
  • No integration with other apps except Google products

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