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Tactio Health Want to stay healthy or track the health status of your aging parents? There is an easy Andriod app that helps you do all that and more. Tactio Health is an easy way to track weight loss, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, cholesterol, glucose and more. It also allows more than one person to use the same app and share information with others. If there are any concerns regarding this application, all you need to know that it has won numerous awards, not the least of which is that it has been voted:
  • Among the top 25 medical apps in more than 75 countries
  • Among the top 10 medical applications in more than 25 countries
  • #1 medical app in more than 10 countries worldwide

What Does Tactio Health Offer?

Among the many health parametres that you can keep track of via Tactio Health are:
  • Blood Pressure: Track your resting pulse, diastolic and systolic pressure using manual data entry method or automated eHealth syncronisation. You can also use compatible blood pressure cuffs to keep a record.
  • Glucose Levels: With the ability to keep track of both fasting glucose levels and triglycerides, using manual data entry, this is one Android app that is a blessing for diabetics.
Tactio Health -  Many Health Parameters

Tactio Health – Many Health Parameters

  • Cholesterol: Keep your LDL, HDL and total cholesterol counts in check and lower the risk of heart diseases.
Tactio Health - Track Weight Loss Efforts

Tactio Health – Track Weight Loss Efforts

  • Weight Loss: With the facility to use data regarding your height, body fat percentage, body weight, waist size and body mass index to track your weight loss efforts, you can stay motivated to keep up your efforts for longer.
  • Daily Steps: Record the amount of physical activity you are involved in on a daily basis using eHealth sync or Withings Activity trackers with the Android app. You can also keep a track of cardio and strength activities.
  • Health Risk: The app helps calculated health risk, especially related to cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes type 2, and displays charts to help you take timely action to reduce the risk. In fact, Tactio Health supports several eHealth interfaces via partner apps and devices to give you a holistic assessment.
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan: You can look at daily or meal-wise calorie intake that is calculated by the app depending on your resting metabolism, level of physical activity and weight loss or health goals.
Tactio Health - Builds and Maintains Nutrition Plan

Tactio Health – Builds and Maintains Nutrition Plan

In addition, this health application supports multiple users, with up to 8 people, from the age of 2 to 75 years, being able to track their health at the same time. Tactio Health also provides users automated backup of their data, which can be recovered on a different tablet, if yours is not available at a particular time. Almost all user reviews for the app have been positive, with very few limitations being reported. Also, most of the limitations mentioned by users have been related to its iOS version rather than for Android.
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  • Published on: April 24, 2015
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  • The Tactio Health Android app helps measure several health parameters and allows up to 8 people to keep a record of their health.


  • Won many awards
  • Voted #1 medical app
  • Measures a number of parameters - blood pressure, glucose , cholesterol, etc
  • Records activities done daily
  • Calculates health risk
  • Helps build nutrition plan
  • Multi-user facility
  • Automated data backup



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