The Best App for Foodies: Zomato for Android

ZomatoIf you love food and exploring new cuisine or going back to an old favourite thrill you more than anything else, Zomato is the Android app meant just for you. This is one app that delivers exactly what it promises. With thousands of restaurants all over the world available at the tap of a finger, you can find any type of cuisine, meal or even specific dish that you are craving. You can search through this Android app either using your location or a keyword at any time of day or night. And if you are searching by location, you can even get directions to the restaurant you pick.

What We Love About Zomato

With a user-friendly navigation and a simple layout, Zomato is a pleasure to use. It allows you to look for restaurants on the basis of food, location, top eateries in a specific city and even new openings. In fact, it doesn’t only list restaurants, it also has information on cafés, pubs and fast food joints too.
Zomato - User Friendly Navigation

Zomato – User Friendly Navigation

Apart from searching for eateries in a specific city or from a specific location within the city, you can also check out the menu at a specific restaurant and view photographs. If you want to book a table in advance or order take out, Zomato also gives you the phone numbers. You can bookmark your favourite places, tag friends and share pictures on this app. You can also share your reviews and build a network of friends through this Android app. So, don’t forget to take your tablet or smartphone along. Currently, you can browse through restaurant listing for more than 100 cities across Canada, Chile, Indonesia, India, Lebanon, Brazil, Qatar, Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand, the UK, Philippines, UAE, Sri Lanka and South Africa. They intend to add more locations soon.

What We Missed

While the pics and user reviews might make it easier for you to shortlist the eatery of your choice, if you are depending on exact directions, Zomato needs to be supplemented with Google maps. This Android app at times lists one eatery as closer than other while in reality, it might be the other way around. The directions also might not be absolutely accurate. Fortunately, there is an easy solution because the address and phone numbers listed are correct and can be used on Google Maps.
Zomato - Extensive Information about an Eatery

Zomato – Extensive Information about an Eatery

However, given all the other information that you get right on your tablet, on the go and for a vast number of locations, this limitation definitely shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of this application.
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  • Published on: April 24, 2015
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  • The Zomato Android app gives a lot of information to choose an eatery at a specific location. Sorting by location, cuisine, etc and menu, reviews and pictures make it easier to choose.


  • Includes restaurants, pubs, cafes, home delivery, etc
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Sort by different categories - cuisine, location, new openings, etc
  • Lots of information - menu, photos, reviews
  • Tag friends, share pictures


  • Exact direction not available

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