Total Conquest

Total Conquest iconThis ancient Roman themed strategy game app comes from the house of Gameloft, which has been making games for phones even before the Android boom started. The app allows you to build your base, raise armies and raid other bases to steal resources. If you wish to play the single-player campaign offline, it allows you to battle through approximately 50 different levels with 4-5 different artificial intelligence opponents.
Total Conquest – Campaign Menu

Total Conquest – Campaign Menu

What is Good About Total Conquest

There are many strategy games that can be played on an Android device. Total Conquest stands out from the crowd with its impressive look and graphics, and with the fact that the game can be played easily on touch screen.
Total Conquest - Training Army units in Barracks

Total Conquest – Training Army units in Barracks

Also, this game allows you to play as a single player offline or be part of the multiplayer network with other people like yourself.

What You’ll Miss In Total Conquest

You may need to pay a little fee to find players’ camps to raid and steal resources. This could have been avoided. This game uses up a lot of memory space and data usage online. This game comes with smooth graphics and thoughtful designs but it is quite similar to several other raiding strategy games out there. Total Conquest is a strategy game with ancient Roman theme. It comes with excellent looks and graphics, but it is more or less similar to many other multiplayer games of this category.
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  • Published on: January 14, 2014
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  • Great graphics
  • Ancient Roman themed
  • Offline single player
  • Online Multiplayer


  • Pay a fee to find other camps nearby
  • High data usage
  • High memory usage

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