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Wattpad-Ebooks-icon1Wattpad is to ebooks as Sound Cloud is to music. This app from the house of WP Technology Inc is worth the download. But first, let’s understand what it does and what you can do with it. It is as simple as user-written ebooks being available for reading by others. Aspiring authors, whose range of interest may vary from stories on the occult to historical fiction, may find themselves delighted by this app. The app lets readers share their feedback with the authors, while providing these readers the chance to read an ebook on their interest area. Everyone has a story to tell. If you have the time to jot down yours and have many people read it, this is a great app for you. You can also read what other budding authors have crafted.

What’s Good About Wattpad

Wattpad is available on Google Play Store for free. Unlike Google Play Books and Kindle, you would not have to buy any of the ebooks. For people who enjoy illustrating ideas and dream of writing books, this app is a gateway to inspiration and feedback in many ways. You could either use your Facebook account to login or sign up with a few details. But you have to sign in only if you wish to post a comment or message writers, or wish to upload your own work. Some effective feedback tools include messaging other Wattpad users, basic statistics to the author or producer about the number of times their ebook has been read and added to the library, and of course the reader comments.

Genre View of Ebooks in Wattpad

It is a content-rich app that claims of having 10 million free ebooks and counting. So, all an interested reader needs to do is download the application. The app itself requests you to choose your interests from a wide range of subjects. You could also read the classics that range from exuberant literature, such as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights to Etiquette, a book by Agnes H. Horton explaining good manners to people. You could either start reading an ebook or simply add it to your library, for a later read. Wattpad has a complete package with options for choosing whether you wish to scroll or swipe vertically for the next page. The app loading efficiency is moderate.
Discovering Ebooks on Wattpad through Genre

Discovering Ebooks on Wattpad through Genre

You can read and vote for stories that you like. Other do too. The most popular stories feature in the What’s Hot list. This gives you easy access to the most popular stories.

What You’ll Miss in Wattpad

If you’re planning to write something, be aware that you’ll never be able to get a publisher to print your story into a paperback copy. Moreover, although the ebooks are under copyright laws, the ideas are out there and anyone can use them. Since voting gets a story to the What’s Hot list, usually only popular subjects get to this list and most of the times the authors are teenagers. Wattpad is great for sharing your writings with active readers. It is extremely easy to use and is good for getting feedback from readers.
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  • All books are free
  • Popular genres available
  • Well designed interface
  • Interact with writers
  • Receive free feedback and suggestions to enhance book
  • Gesture-based controls


  • The What’s Hot list is based on popularity
  • Your ideas may be used by other writers

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