Apps that Bring Out the Artist in Kids

tumblr Have you noticed how toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated by colours and totally enjoy activities that allow them to use multiple colours? The best part about such games is that it nurtures sensory-motor development in children while giving them hours of fun. So, when you choose apps for young, developing minds, look for ones that will nurture them in various ways. There are a variety of drawing and colouring apps available for toddlers. Here’s a review of the some of the best, which will take the art off your walls and put them where you can store them for posterity.

Kids Colouring – Kids Paint

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  • This app comes with over 400 cool pictures that will be fun to colour for your kids, all without the otherwise routine drill of buying crayons, paint or even paper! This Android app will keep your child busy while it thaws their creative side, helping the child identify colours and discover colour schemes, in quite an adventurous way. This app’s user-friendly interface offers many colouring tools that are easy to use, allowing children to paint for as long as they want.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

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  • If you are looking for something more than the drawing and colouring experience, choose Kids Doodle. This app allows the user to add fun elements to their own pictures. All these lovely creations can be saved in the built-in gallery of the app. If you have missed out on a little photo “doodling” yourself, join your kids in their adventures!
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Kids Doodle Colouring Pics

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  • This is another good app for kids, with a great drawing pad feature that helps children develop their imagination. Also, kids can colour pictures with easy-to-use options, helping them develop their colour palette. The app can also generate a quick movie that replays how your child went through the whole experience of creating something. Tablets allow you to not only save these great pieces of art, but also nurture and boost the imagination, gain an understanding of dimensions, shapes and of course colours. These offers developmental benefits to children and a means of exploring their interests, talents and the environments.

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