Will Tablets Rule the Future?

Did you know that the number of tablet shipments worldwide jumped from 120,203 in 2012 to 201,825 in 2013? Apart from reporting this fact, Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, said in a report released in June 2013 that the figure could cross 276,178 by 2014. The report further states that global tablet shipments are expected to grow at a massive rate of 67.9%. To be precise, with the tablet markets beginning to face some challenges due to the longer life cycles of these devices, a dramatic shift has been observed with consumers buying more basic tablets than the premium ones. Thus, basic tablet sales are expected to increase faster than expected in the years to come.

Smaller and Cheaper is the Order of the Day

With growing consumer preference for the sleek and small 7-inch screen, the price decline in premium tablets continues. The push for cheaper tablet hardware that comes in a lighter, faster and cheaper form has helped to underpin the overall tablet market growth, snapping up a bigger share of the market from the expensive tablet brands.

Can Tablets Replace the Traditional PC?

The Gartner’s report also addresses the fact that there has been a steep decline in traditional PC sales over the years. Worldwide PC shipments are forecasted to total 305,178 units in 2013, a remarkable 10.6% decline from 2012, when the figure was 341,273 units of traditional desk-based and notebooks sold through the year. It is a well known fact that PC owners of the yesteryears purchased desktops for their single functionality to handle tasks such as emails or to just play games. With tablets offering more specialized and enhanced functionality, such as millions of apps and easy to handle features, the consumer shift from the traditional desktop or notebook is bound to occur. But does that mean that the traditional PC will become obsolete? The very fact that these old companions are still seen at the workplace for individuals who need to perform heavy statistical analyses and design high end machinery rather than simply enjoying the sleek display and the specialized apps gives testimony to the continued need for desktops, alongside tablets. In other words, the PC is unlikely to die out any time soon, although the demand for smaller, cheaper and faster alternatives will surely rule the tech market going forward. Tablets will find more use in growing enterprises that need more employee mobility and enhanced communication within the organization. The cost and impact on the environment of bulky printing is also directing demand towards a better alternative for the maintenance of documentation and office records. More and more content is now made available for the small sized tablet screens that cater to a huge consumer base looking for relevant information, entertainment and educational programs.

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