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  • How to Choose a Tablet below Rs 20,000

    A study by research firm Gartner, global tablet sales stood at 195.4 million units for 2013, marking a 68% increase from the sales figures for 2012. If there are any doubts left regarding the rising popularity of tablets, fuelled by their easy portability and connectivity, data published by market research firm IMRB, in association with […]

  • Why Buy Tablets with 3G

    More tablets will be shipped in 2015 than desktop computers and laptops combined, according to Adobe Digital Index. Tablets are becoming a rage, with an increasing number of people recognizing the convenience and user experience offered by these devices. The real question, therefore, is not whether tablets are here to stay, but which one will […]

  • Will Tablets Rule the Future?

    Did you know that the number of tablet shipments worldwide jumped from 120,203 in 2012 to 201,825 in 2013? Apart from reporting this fact, Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, said in a report released in June 2013 that the figure could cross 276,178 by 2014. The report further states that […]