gmail-logo-icon1From a beginner to an avid user of Android devices, Gmail app has not gone unnoticed. As a personal mail account, Gmail has been the first choice for a lot of people. This may be a strong reason for the popularity of this app. It is a highly intuitive app that makes emailing very efficient. It is so easy to organize emails and search for them even if you are completely disorganized! And, of course, it allows you are seamlessly transfer information between emails and Google Drive. The icing to the cake really is that, if you are a Gmail App user, you now have 30 GB of unified storage space between Google Drive and your emails.

What’s Good About Gmail

Gmail supports Gmail accounts and Google Apps hosted email accounts. Since the settings are automated, setting up the inbox takes only a few short minutes. What you have is a well-designed and highly sophisticated inbox with Gmail Tabs, just the way you would find it in your browser-based inbox.
Gmail Android App User Interface

Gmail Android App User Interface

Besides the drafts, sent items and trash folders, which are the default folders, you can easily access and use user-defined labels as an alternative to the usual folders. Labels cannot be created, edited or deleted. However, they can be pasted to the header and mails will automatically appear under the relevant labels. This allows you to organize your mail on this app. Gmail stands out for its easy navigation of mails through gestures. One can simply swipe left and right for accessing newer or older mails, respectively. Also, gestures can be used to archive an email. From the list of the email headers that segregate your inbox, you can simply swipe the email header to the left that you desire to archive. Similar functions are available through simple gestures, such as updating the mailbox by dragging the mail list down. Emails appear threaded on the email app, just as they do on the web interface.
Gmail App User Interface When Composing a Mail

Gmail App User Interface When Composing a Mail

What You’ll Miss in Gmail

Despite the fabulous interface for reading your emails and the user-friendly design of Gmail app, Android users have sometimes turned to alternative apps. The primary reason for this is that this app allows only Gmail and Google Apps-hosted email accounts. So, if you’re using another email service, you may need to supplement this app with another one. Moreover, this app does not support Rich Text. Thus, you will really miss formatting features when typing out emails. Gmail app cannot open several file type attachments in one email. Moreover, you cannot view mail content when the device is not connected to the Internet. Despite the shortcomings, those of us who are used to accessing our Gmail on the browser may feel most comfortable with this app. It is a great app for personal emails. For professionals, the fact that one can send email attachments to Google Drive may be advantage enough to choose this app.
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  • Well-designed interface
  • Sophisticated inbox with Gmail Tabs
  • Labeled folders
  • Supports gesture-based navigation and controls


  • Only supports Gmail or Google App-hosted email accounts
  • Does not open many file type attachments
  • No Rich Text support

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