• Gmail

    From a beginner to an avid user of Android devices, Gmail app has not gone unnoticed. As a personal mail account, Gmail has been the first choice for a lot of people. This may be a strong reason for the popularity of this app. It is a highly intuitive app that makes emailing very efficient. […]

  • MailDroid

    MailDroid is one of the most versatile email apps out there. It supports an unlimited number of email accounts. It has several features and leaves very little to be desired. What’s more, it is an ad supported email client. This means the app earns from ads and you don’t need to pay for using any […]

  • AquaMail

    One of those email apps that have tried to inspire improvement when it comes to customization and user interface. It has a very systematic set of diverse features that makes it worth a try. It brings your expectations to the level that you wish there was more. This email app can be used on a […]

  • K-9 Mail

    K-9 Mail is a reliable email client that offers support for multiple accounts with organization features in mail display. It supports an unlimited number of email accounts in one unified inbox, making it very convenient for you to use various email IDs. Being a free and open-source app, it has improved immensely since its first […]