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K-9-Mail-IconK-9 Mail is a reliable email client that offers support for multiple accounts with organization features in mail display. It supports an unlimited number of email accounts in one unified inbox, making it very convenient for you to use various email IDs. Being a free and open-source app, it has improved immensely since its first version was launched and its source codes were first released to the public in 2008. The enhancements have been made based on feedback from its users.

What’s Good in K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail supports any type of email account as long as you have the mail setup details for POP3 and IMAP protocols. For popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo, K-9 Mail has an automated setup facility that helps you save time. It even supports Exchange accounts.
K-9 Mail – The Unified Inbox

K-9 Mail – The Unified Inbox

The interface is clean. There are no frills or unnecessary design elements. The mail list view can be customized to a great extent, since there are innumerable possibilities of changes in settings. You can view mail just the way you prefer, such as viewing details of the sender and time the email was received. It synchronizes all the other folders that you have been using for each account. When composing a mail, a user can add and edit signatures for the mail as well.
K-9 Mail – Simplistic View of the App

K-9 Mail – Simplistic View of the App

What You’ll Miss in K-9 Mail

When it comes to navigating e-mails, K-9 Mail allows users to enjoy limited gesture-based controls. Templates for emails can neither be created nor saved in this e-mail app. There is no Rich Text support. This is quite a let-down, considering that it offers customization of the entire mailbox but no formatting tools for the emails! Overall, this app has its reasons for coming into the limelight every now and then. It is definitely a vast improvement over the default email client offered by Android on your device. Also, if something is a shortcoming, users will offer feedback and development teams will use these inputs to continuously enhance the app.
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  • Published on: November 26, 2013
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  • Supports unlimited email accounts
  • Automated email setup
  • Supports Exchange accounts
  • Customized Mail List view
  • Add and edit signatures
  • Synchronizes folders


  • Limited gesture-based controls
  • No Rich Text support
  • No Templates support

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