Kids Doodle Coloring Pics

Kids Doodle Coloring Pics iconThis fun app from the house of Doodle Joy Studio is worth a try for kids under 5 years of age. Remember, how our parents carried a coloring book to keep us busy wherever we went? This app does exactly that, just more conveniently. You don’t need to keep replenishing coloring books and crayons, as this Android app comes with a drawing pad as well as more than 120 pictures for coloring. All you need to do is to teach your child to use it once and it could keep them and their friends busy. From pretty princesses to pictures depicting festivals such as Christmas are included in this app.

What is Good About Kids Doodle Coloring Pics

More than anything else, this is such an easy-to-use app that kids of all ages can enjoy it. The drawing pad would help children use and develop their imagination. Coloring pictures, on the other hand, allows children to develop motor skills by keeping the colors within the boundaries and also to understand colors and color combinations. No colors or pages get wasted as they can be erased and redone several times. Also a small quick movie can be made with the movie mode on how your child filled in the colors or drew something. You can even save the pictures colored by your child in the in-built gallery in this Android app. The app supports pinch zoom which is good for intricate coloring detail that your child might wish to try.
Kids Doodle Coloring Pics – A Colored Picture

Kids Doodle Coloring Pics – A Colored Picture

Kids Doodle Coloring Pics – Easy Color Picker

Kids Doodle Coloring Pics – Easy Color Picker

                        Kids Doodle Coloring Pics comes with an easy color picker and those cute little fingers do not need to press hard to select a color. Kids can choose from a variety of brushes, crayons, watercolors, pens, rainbow multicolor and even glow neon effects.

What You’ll Miss In Kids Doodle Coloring Pics

Kids Doodle Coloring Pics is supported by ads. Sometimes the ad might pop-up while your kid doodles. This could be slightly distracting. With a wide range of pictures to color, Kids Doodle Coloring Pics is the sort of kid’s activity app that they enjoy alone and with friends. Yes, it gives you some peace, keeping your child busy for a while. Of course, you can have some fun, too, helping your child choose the colors!
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  • Published on: December 6, 2013
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  • 130 pictures
  • Undo/redo coloring
  • Easy color picker
  • Variety of brushes/effects
  • Movie of child’s drawing
  • Pinch zoom
  • Children learn colors and color combinations


  • Ads pop-up while coloring

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