• Roo Kids Chat Android App Review

    The Roo Kids Chat App lets your kid socialize under your supervision. You not only get to control the people he/she talks to but also make sure homework is completed on time through the “curfew hours” feature.

  • Kids Doodle Coloring Pics

    This fun app from the house of Doodle Joy Studio is worth a try for kids under 5 years of age. Remember, how our parents carried a coloring book to keep us busy wherever we went? This app does exactly that, just more conveniently. You don’t need to keep replenishing coloring books and crayons, as […]

  • Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

    Kids Doodle – Color & Draw is the most fun way for your child to experience the joys of coloring and drawing. This Android app has several options. Your child can add fun colors to existing pictures from the gallery or creating their own neon masterpieces. This app can bring out the creative potential in […]

  • Kids Coloring-Kids Paint

    This app has more than 400 unique background pictures that are really fun to color for your kids. Also, it would be soothing for your nerves to know that there won’t be any paint on the floor or graffiti on your walls! And, you won’t have to run around every few days trying to buy […]