maildroid-iconMailDroid is one of the most versatile email apps out there. It supports an unlimited number of email accounts. It has several features and leaves very little to be desired. What’s more, it is an ad supported email client. This means the app earns from ads and you don’t need to pay for using any of the available tools.

What’s Good About MailDroid

MailDroid supports all types of email accounts including business and personal email accounts. You can set up either IMAP or POP3 mail protocols, provided you have the relevant details. You can further protect your mails through password protection in the app. It supports the latest Office 365 version as well. MailDroid is integrated with several popular cloud storage services, such as your Dropbox and Sky Drive accounts.
Kids Doodle – Color & Draw – Drawing with Neon Effects

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw – Drawing with Neon Effects

When it comes to composing an email, MailDroid gives you all the tools for enhancing your email. The WYSIWIG Editor provides the necessary tools for formatting fonts, adding bullets as well as inserting images. It even has an inbuilt spell check. You can even create and edit the mail signature with Rich Text and images. You can save and download mail attachments to your SD card using the inbuilt File Manager or use ES Explorer or Astro for picking files in your Android device.
Maildroid - WYSIWIG Editor

Maildroid – WYSIWIG Editor

“Rules” is a very useful tool in MailDroid. It allows you to create separate folders for certain types of emails. These emails will then automatically go into that folder without even appearing in your inbox. You may select the email address or even words in the subject line as selection criteria for the emails to be sent into other folders. The folder may even be the trash bin! You can also change the settings or notification type for emails into ring tones or vibration. In case you will not be connected to the Internet for a while, you can compose your emails offline. These emails will be stored in the outbox till you are able to connect to the Internet again.

What You’ll Miss in MailDroid

The interface is simplistic. Although one might consider it a good thing, many users feel a little disappointed with the look and feel of this app. Another let-down is that it does not have gesture-based controls or navigation. Currently, it does not even support ActiveSync, something that is often missed by executives. Overall MailDroid is a good and sturdy email app with several features and settings that can be used for managing your mailbox as well as composing emails. It is definitely a keep for business professionals as well as personal email account users.
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  • Free and full version
  • Supports an unlimited number of email accounts
  • Supports multiple types of email accounts as well
  • Supports Rich Text
  • “Rules” tool


  • Simplistic design
  • Does not support ActiveSync
  • No gesture-based navigation

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