How to Take a Rockstar Selfie with Your Tablet

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  • While a picture speaks a thousand words, a rocking selfie is a joy forever. Unfortunately, not all of us have learnt to master this art, although most of us love to keep our Facebook page updated with the latest pics of ourselves. Of course, things have become much easier now that tablets come with a front camera. It is so much easier to check out the pic that you are about to take when you can see the screen. Still, there are some things that you can do to create selfies that you would be proud of for a long time to come. Here’s a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Rock Your Selfie with Your Tablet Camera

  • Light it up: Lighting is key to a good photograph. If it is too dark or if the lighting is too harsh, it could not only distract the viewer but cast ugly shadow and give you a moutache you don’t have or expose every blemish and wrinkle! On the other hand, you can use shadows strategically to enhance a pic or hide a pimple. Whatever you do, remember backlighting is NOT your friend.

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  • The right angle: Unless you are the reigning supermodel, you are unlikely to have a perfectly symmetrical face. Very few of us do. So, hold the tablet in front of you and check yourself out from different angles by tilting your head till you find one that not only hides any extra chins but makes you look your best.

  • Why so serious: Taking a confident selfie with your tablet doesn’t mean you need to get all serious. Be silly. Funny selfies are the most fun. Use props, cute faces, anything that adds that extra element that says you are really enjoying yourself. But avoid the duckface! It has been done to death. From Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus, they all love to take pics of themselves imitating a constipated bird!

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  • Edit and enhance: This is where all the fun starts. With great apps like PicsArt Photo Studio, you can give your pic that vintage sepia-toned look, you can use filters to enhance or hide, in short you can make every single photograph extra-special. Give yourself a glow without making it look fake, highlight your eyes and cheekbones and more. Don’t be shy when using the tools your tablet offers you. Turn a bad hair day into the most fun hairstyle and get rave reviews from friends.
  • When taking a pic with your tablet, don’t forget to check yourself out first before clicking the camera. Give a quick background check as well to make sure you aren’t getting any clutter or mess in the frame. But most importantly, have fun all the way… It will show in your selfie.

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