Interactive Learning: The Fun Way to Learn

Help Your Child Develop with Interactive Learning Techniques

A Physics Professor at Harvard University confessed to changing his methods of teaching from informative to one that involved peer interaction after 7 years of pupils being disinterested in learning. Interactive learning makes a child learn without getting bored, since it requires them to engage in activities.

Benefits of Interactive Learning

For complete child development, both teacher-guided and child-guided methods are essential. Children usually get exposure to the teacher guided process in school. A child-guided method could be implemented at home. However, it is interesting to note that schools in India have lately adopted interactive methods of learning through activities, visual aids and more.

Engage Children in Activities to Foster Learning

Independence in Learning

Interactive learning puts the control of the content in the hands of the child. Since it involves activities, learning is part of the process. And children remember what they learn through hands-on experience. It is a breath of fresh air from the traditional passive way of learning, which required a child to simply memorize facts and figures.

Enhances Creative Abilities

This method enhances critical thinking skills and creative abilities of a child. The child is free to make decisions, enhancing his/her ability to reason logically. Your child will develop their creative ability as imagination flows free through interactive education.

Team Building Abilities

Outdoor games and play helps improve the physical strength and team work abilities of a child. While working in a team, it requires equal participation from each member, thereby helping to build strong team-work ethics. It also teaches them the ethics of sportsmanship and motivates them to work harder in order to achieve their goals.

Interactive Learning through Technology

Tablets with Preinstalled Apps Make Life Simpler

Technological innovations have given a new dimension to interactive methods. There are three ways of learning: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Technology incorporates all three styles of learning through animation, sound and gesture controls. Nowadays, tablets are one of the best tools to engage a child in interactive education through technology. A child learns through various Android apps and it helps to develop skills and hone them. Even a child who has adapted to a process of visual learning will benefit from audio pronunciation of a word and by touching the screen and taking control. Videos and games that leverage interactive education are touted to be two of the best examples.

“Interactive multimedia has the potential to create high quality learning environments which actively engage the learner, thereby promoting deep learning,” says a research paper published in Research Gate. It also notes that the potential of interactive multimedia hasn’t been tapped fully.

Interactive learning helps children get an early start. So the next time when your toddler or your primary school goer picks up a tab to play a game that requires him/her to reason, you have reason to smile. One of the best examples in the recent past that showcases how interactive learning can benefit a child is the movie “Taare Zameen Par.” Now you imagine what wonders it can do for your child!

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