Why Buy Tablets with 3G

More tablets will be shipped in 2015 than desktop computers and laptops combined, according to Adobe Digital Index. Tablets are becoming a rage, with an increasing number of people recognizing the convenience and user experience offered by these devices. The real question, therefore, is not whether tablets are here to stay, but which one will rule the roost? If you’re thinking of buying a tablet, you may be planning on spending a lot of time browsing the internet – for information and news, checking your emails, connecting with friends or looking for career enhancements. So, you need an Internet connection. Of course, you can use Wi-Fi. However, there are some distinct advantages of using 3G. Here are some inputs that may help you make up your mind.

Buying a Tablet with 3G Makes Life Easy

Tablets were designed for the mobile internet user. The smaller screens of smartphones just didn’t exploit the potential benefits of high speed internet. On the other hand, people couldn’t carry their laptops everywhere. Tablets took the game to the next level; transforming a multimedia device into an ‘on the go’ digital friend. Here’s why tablets with 3G facility should be the first choice for you:
  • Wi-Fi versus 3G: Wi-Fi is cheap and convenient. Yes, of course. However, what if you are traveling and need to check your emails urgently? You needn’t dash into a café on the pretext of craving a cappuccino to access high speed Internet! 3G allows you to access the Internet anywhere, because it is more mobile than any other internet facility.
  • 3G versus Higher ‘Gs’: In a developing world like ours, technologies like 5G and 4G are either inaccessible or frightfully expensive. Instead, we have a high quality 3G network, which is a great deal. It is convenient and fast, even supporting video streaming.
  • 2G versus 3G: What about 2G? It’s cheaper and allows you to connect to the Internet even when you are on the go. Have you ever tried downloading something or watching a video with 2G? It is much slower, and may not enable you to view certain high resolution files or streaming.
Let’s say you need to visit an area where you’ve never been before. You can simply connect to Google Maps with your 3G tablet and get precise directions very easily. You’re on the go and need to locate a restaurant close to you? No problem. Simply browse the net with your 3G tablet. Not only can you locate a restaurant, you can check out great deals and even place your order online. Tablets with 3G just make life so much easier… and much more fun.

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