Why Buy Tablets with SIM Calling Facility

People surfing the net using a tablet browse 70% more pages per visit than Internet users using a smartphone, according to Adobe Digital Index. This is probably the case because surfing the Internet is so much easier with a tablet. No wonder then that tablets have swiftly become the primary device for mobile browsing. You may also wish to buy a tablet for the convenience of browsing. However, there’s more. Why not choose a tablet with SIM calling facility?

Benefits of Buying Tablets with SIM Calling Facility

You already have a phone. So, why buy a tablet with a SIM? With a tablet, you have access to all the necessary apps. You have access to the Skype app, too, for making voice calls and even video calls. So, why buy a tablet with a SIM?
  • When you buy a tablet with SIM calling facility, it will offer you the features of a tablet with additional features of a phone. You can make voice calls and send SMSes. In fact, it is easier to read and type out messages on a tablet, as the screen in larger.
  • You can save money by buying a tablet, rather than separately purchasing a laptop and a smartphone. Simply put, a tablet will work as an alternative for both a laptop and a smartphone for you, provided the tablet supports a SIM.
  • Did you know that tablets have better built-in hardware to support the Internet than phones?  So, buying a tablet with a SIM card will give you a phone with better hardware.
  • Using a tablet with a SIM will enable you to browse the Internet on the go without having to use a 3G dongle (data card). So, even when you have no access to wifi, you are connected without additional money spent on a data card.
  • And, of course, you can connect to WhatsApp and chat for free. You don’t have to spend money on calling or even sending SMSes!
Originally inspired by the PDA design, tablets have become more than a replacement for laptops. They have become an integral part of the Information Technology era. As these devices become increasingly popular, more developments may be seen here than for laptops or smartphones. A bigger display simply means more fun! Thus, surfing the net for information, watching your favorite movie or competing with your friends in an online game on a tablet than on a smartphone. And, with a SIM calling facility, you no longer need a smartphone.

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